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In 1854 data helped end the cholera epidemic in London

It was John Snow, a local doctor, who managed to correlate the distribution of infectees within the Soho area with the location of water wells. Up to that moment cholera was believed to be transmitted through the air. Snow mapped the epidemic, thus originating modern epidemiology. 

Opening event

Data for hope is an event, but also a challenge. On Wednesday 15 April we assemble 120 entrepreneurs, data experts, doctors, researchers and public institutionsto work together in three challenges that might help generate hope in this crisis.

Challenge 1: Pandemic prediction and evolution models

Correlation between this data and public data (impact of undertaken measures, health systems, etc)

Challenge 2: Prevention models for Africa and Latin America

Predicting the impact in the southern hemisphere through pandemic modelling.

Challenge 3: Models based on mobility data

Defining mobility policies. Developing models for the eventual withdrawal of lockdowns.

Why Data for Hope?

Data for Hope is our best bet on finding a solution to the COVID-19 crisis. Illness, confinement and  tragedy notwithstanding, we face it with optimism. It is a moment for us to stop and think united, to review the data we are measuring, review how we are interpreting it and devise how to leverage them it in our favor. It is a great challenge, but also an opportunity to find hope. It is time for our eureka moments, for unconventional ideas and out of the box thinking.

Data for Hope has a similar structure to a regular event, but it is more like a meeting without a venue. It has a date and a time  - 15th April at 2:30 p.m. (GMT +2 ) -, but it could already be taking place inside your head, while you wash your hands, while you read the newspaper. Inspired by John Snow, but also Tyrion Lannister, Walter White or Stringer Bell, and by all the forward thinkers who dared to say “wait a moment… what if…?” when they read a newspiece, data or, these days, a curve.

This initiative was created by three companies: EFE, Narrativa and Cloud District, we are sure many have thought about it too,seeing all the great initiatives that are arising lately. We are lucky enough to have the time and energy to build it, though, without your participation all this effort will be for naught.










APIs with data relating to COVID-19

You will be granted access to the data gathered by the Spanish Ministry of Health, the Dipartimento della Protezione Civile de Italia, Robert Koch Institute Germany, Santé publique France and the John Hopkins University

Other Open Data APIs

We used valuable data provided by AEMET, INE and other open APIs

Facilitation and Expert advisory

We were accompanied by researchers, technical leaders and experts on each of the areas under discussion.

With the support of

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